I am based in the Alps, Serre Chevalier, and Amsterdam. M2I was founded 11 years ago, it has always been my passion to be of service to people giving them the needed support through a targeted methodology and a customized approach to the real need of my clients. I am happy to announce that we are able to welcome you again to experience the programs by Mindfulness to Ikigai.

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Over the last 13 years, I work with a vast portfolio of Methodologies depending on what’s needed, that includes: Mindfulness, Breathwork, Focusing, Sophrology, Yoga, Energy Healing, and Jung Psychotherapy. I offer consultations for:

What is M2I Methodology



``We did not know what to expect…and it was amazing experience``

- Mark

``I was very sceptical, and yet something inside of me told me to do a session with Salima. I ended up doing more haha``

- Joris

`` know Salima for a long time and I was pleasantly surprised to experience her work! She has something Magical, I cannot explain ``

- Muriel

``I was 22 year old when I started with Salima, I was at a turning point in my life. Now I look Back a year after being with Salima. I am a different person, I did not I could be``

- Jamie

``In a few breathwork sessions, Salima clearly and gently guided me through a kind of inner journey, where I gained deep insights into myself``

- Aram

``I am 23 y old, I could write a whole page about my experience with Salima, but I need to summarize. When I finished high school I started feeling tired and depressed. After finding the right person and within a year of deep work, I'm a transformed person, I have more energy and, I'm happy again.``

- Fenne