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About me

Salima is a Ph.D. Dr in Biotechnology, She worked In Management for  Pharma  Switzerland. A burn-out with heavy migraines at a young age pushed her to look for alternatives and started her on a journey into self-knowledge & healing,  instigating her to find new authentic ways and techniques.

After 5 years of research, aside from her own healing and self-development,  Salima became a Yoga teacher, a Breath-work healer, and Mindfulness Trainer. That journey led her to meet great Masters and teachers, Such as His Holiness  “Dalai Lama” &  his State Oracle, great Masters from India, Canada & France.  she stayed in Tibetans Monasteries and Retreat centers in Thailand, India, Bali. Salima thought she was ready to go back to Europe, to share her acquired gifts and talents that helped her heal and find her true empowered center.

But little did she know that the universe did not quite think the same. In 2010 she learned about a rare, incurable illness that touched her eyes. Real challenging times started.  The techniques she had learned so far were not enough to get her through this new challenge in her life.

That’s when she started with psychotherapy techniques and psychosomatic healing therapies. Combining that with all that she had learned, she was able to go even deeper into self-knowledge, healing, and self-development.

For 3 long years, she met new amazing healers and teachers. During this time she thought she only had to focus on herself, but she found herself teaching and guiding others, and facilitating groups.

Her deep dedication & understanding of her own life experiences brought her to a Deep,  Authentic, Compassionate &  Purposeful way of living and being. Her Fascination with Human Interactions and Growth including the diversity of cultures led her to get in touch and help many people across the world.

About M2I

The creation of ” Mindfulness to Ikigai” is the flourishing of Salima’s Journey. It is the means by which Salima can help by applying a blend of powerful, down to earth and very Practical Methodologies. It is a Deep &  Authentic sharing of her Gifts and Talents with the world.


Bringing the Mind to be at service to the Heart.


Having each and everyone living a happy,
harmonious and, purposeful life


An Inner-Engineering of the Mind, Body & Spirit

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``Bringing the Mind to be at service to the Heart.``

- Salima Gaham

``Having each and everyone living a happy,
harmonious and, purposeful life``

- Salima Gaham

``An Inner-Engineering of the Mind, Body & Spirit``

- Salima Gaham