M2I in Companies

How does M2I for companies work?

The programs for companies can be assessed accordingly to the needs of the company. Custom made packages can be organized after a free assessment. The suggested programs are based on principles such as Mindfulness, Ikigai, Hostmanship, Nonviolent Communication. Here are some ready-made package themes that can be used: 



Why Bring Mindfulness to Work?

Employees are more stressed than ever. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, nearly half of workers today feel stress in their jobs, with 70% of them feeling it from their workload and work-life balance. Gallup reports that 23% of employees feel burnout at work very often or always, while an additional 44% reports feeling it sometimes.

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How You Can Bring Mindfulness to Your Workplace

1) Lead by Example

Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, has spoken publicly about mindfulness, meditation, and using apps, which helps create  “an umbrella of acceptance,” Shute says. Seeing execs sitting and breathing alongside lower-level employees is an important recognition that these practices are beneficial for everyone.

“Leadership is then saying that it’s okay to take care of yourself at work.”

“When company leaders participate, showing up for programs and practicing in community mindfulness sessions, they give permission to practice and accept that these skills work,” says Parneet Pal, the Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs, which provides LinkedIn with mindfulness programming. “Leadership is then saying that it’s okay to take care of yourself at work.”

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